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Aldrea Alien
Artist | Professional | Literature
New Zealand
Short person with sharp teeth, complete with a classic vampirish complexion. No, I don't go 'foof' in the sun nor do I sparkle. On the other hand, I might bite. ^_^

Author of:
Dark One's Mistress, a gothic romance inspired by a game and with a tinge of Beauty and the Beast.
The Rogue King, the Science Fantasy that spans thirty years in one man's life (and took control of mine) as he deals with divine possession and redemption.
Golden Dawn, a paranormal romance revolving around one demonic creature and a crystal containing some imprisoned sunlight.

And, of course, the various fanfictions kicking around my profile. :P

Amell, Hawke by AldreaAlienAmell, Hawke - DAI by AldreaAlien

So, I've laid out the backstory I've gathered for both my Inquisitor, Maxwell Trevelyan, and my Grey Warden, Daylen Amell, it's now time for my Champion: Amell, Hawke. She's been my favourite for a long time, despite the lack of content surrounding her.

To date, she...
  • Is more healer than fighter. When she does fight, she had a "fire fixes everything" mentality.
  • Secretly views the Chantry and the Qun with the same amount of disdain. She does, however, believe in the Maker.
  • Hates bloodmages, mostly due to them killing people for power. When it comes to Merrill, she's more concerned something bad will happen to her adopted sister.
  • Has kissed a number of boys, but had never gone any further prior to garnering a certain brooding elf's affection. This was more due to various 'situations' not affording her the right moment rather than a deliberate choice on her part. Despite this, she did get engaged in her early teens, against her father's wishes.
  • Was so fascinated by a roaming Dalish clan and the tales surrounding them that she frequently snuck into the forest to see the truth for herself. She was eventually found out by one of their hunters who was equally fascinated by her stories. The pair grew close.
  • Was once caught by the templars. Escaped thanks to 'outside assistance'. The man in question died whilst trying to protect her from the templars and had the family fleeing to Lothering. It's not something she'll talk freely about with anyone. She blames herself for his death harder than anyone could blame her.
  • Flirts outrageously with everyone as a defence mechanism, believing that it kept people from seeing her as a threat. This petered out around the time of the Qunari invasion on Kirkwall, although occasionally surfaces when she's unsure.
  • Reserves singing until she's roaring drunk. She can be quite the graceful dancer, though often doesn't "feel like it".
  • Prefers beer over wine. Over most drinks, actually.
  • Had a child with Fenris between DA2 and DA:I. A boy and, naturally, a mage.

She has one short story at present. A fluffy endgame piece with Fenris...
Endings and Beginnings (one-shot)
The campfire was little more than embers, glowing pitifully in the moonlight. Hawke lazily plucked a nearby stick from the ground and poked the smouldering logs, letting the flames naturally flare to life rather than resort to magic. At her feet, Nibbles snored on, twitching as he dreamed little doggy dreams. At least someone's life hasn't changed.
What a mess it'd all become. Perhaps he should've done as Sebastian suggested and made a serious bid to become Viscount. Then, maybe, she could've reduced the amount of lives taken if not stopped it all from happening. Ah, but if they'd known what she knew now, they wouldn't even have wanted her as their champion much less the Viscount.
Champion. What a hollow title. She was no one's champion, certainly not Kirkwall's. She was a failure.
She glanced up to find Fenris staring at her, his dark brows lowered in concern. "Sorry, I was just—" Standing, she picked her way past the sleeping lumps of her friends. "Co

But she also appears in several comics...
Uh ... Hawke? by AldreaAlienThe thing about robes... by AldreaAlienDem Elves by AldreaAlien

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